Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blu Cafe

Blu is kind of confusing.. is it a hip bar? A cute coffee shop? A lunch spot? A brunch spot?  It seems to have a little bit of everything.  
I had to take a photo of this light fixture.  Dozens of coffee mugs suspended from wires.  More entertaining to the eyes than some modern art. 
Salmon & pesto panini with a side salad, $9.  So good that we were inspired to recreate it at home. 
Margherita pizza, $7 I believe. I liked it, except for the crust which was kind of hard.  I am very picky about pizza crusts though. 
And the main reason for coming here:  A nutella & strawberry crepe.  Very good of course (how could it not be), but the crepe itself could use some improvement.  There are just such great new crepe places in town that it can be hard to compete I guess. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Wine

The Sunday afternoon we spent at House Wine was one of the best Sunday afternoons we've had in a while.  Not only was it gorgeous out, but the wine & food were just amazing and the place itself is just such a great concept.
The outdoor patio has a lot of space to relax and just nurse some delicious wine.  On Sundays, glasses of wine from bottles opened Saturday night are all 1/2 off.  We enjoyed several great wines for only $3 to $6 per glass.  House Wine also offers several $5 glasses and $18 bottles of wine at any time on any day.